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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 14, 2019 3:00am-3:34am +03

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people in jail with them muslims on liberals are atheists why do you talk to those who call for women's freedom use why do you subject them to rape and how are spent what do you exactly want everyone is scared every now and then a saudi has left this country because a few i left my wife because of the oppression me more and more of saudis will leave the kingdom because of you you will destroy the country the syrian army is preparing for an offensive by turkish forces on the kurdish rebel stronghold of manage syria's government has deployed soldiers artillery and tanks to the northwest suburbs of the city as u.s. forces prepare to leave considers the kurdish group the y p g to be a terrorist organization i spoke to in i'm sorry vladimir van valkenburgh a little bit earlier who is a journalist specializing in kurdish politics and he told us that he thinks it's unlikely turkey would strike if u.s. troops are still on the ground. the turkish president himself said they don't want to harm us soldiers so the thing for now there's no turkey would attack but
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the kurds have been also talking with russia and also with the syrian government to find to find a solution to prevent turkey from attacking the north east of syria and that's why recently we saw russian military police suddenly patrolling the area outside of london. so there is changes and the kurds they are also now talking with. moscow is because they are afraid that turkey could attack them if the u.s. withdraws not just to us that is an orpheus of syria there are also french forces there there are forces from the u.k. so france is if other countries are willing for instance to send more forces and to protect this enclave than they would have more success but in general it's very difficult to do that without us because you know the u.s. they are the main contributor to the campaign against isis with the air force with two thousand more than two thousand troops in syria so i think it will be very
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difficult for countries like france or germany or kate to find an alternative to complete us. all and that's why i think it's also that the kurds are trying to talk also of damascus to try to find a solution so that they are not overrun by the turkish army well as i still continues to be defeated in syria some form of fighters who escaped the front lines are being given a chance to return to normal life thing is not everyone supports their rehabilitation efforts a cynical still you reports now from northern syria. ali is a former eisel fighter. now he helps his father in the shop in mario when he's not at school. he joined i saw three years ago when he was thirteen his two elder brothers were also i saw members they were both killed in the fighting ses he is lucky to have survived shy and reserved he tells us it was isis reveals that
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persuaded him to join the group. there was everything in those videos to attract me fighting shooting there were calling god's name but i didn't expect they could ever be so unjust which i saw them slaughtering others using childers in their battle many innocent died because of them after escaping from i saw spent a year in prison he was then allowed to join this rehabilitation center along with twenty five other former members of the group some of them foreign fighters. they were classes in religious beliefs and psychological counseling was mandatory. twelve months later he was given the chance to go back to school and be with his family but he'll be kept under surveillance. we continue to check on these who complete the rehab we insist they continue their studies the best way to fight terrorism goes through fighting extremism. product as the head of
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a city council supports the rehabilitation project but when it comes to foreign fighters he thinks they should be treated differently. they are not like the sons of syria they came here to kill or people should be judged by international court we have already taken off responsibility for their crimes. back at his father's shop helli is like many other teenage boys he likes playing football watching t.v. shows and planning his speech or one of my dreams is to be arabic teacher and build the house and with. habitation all former are still far too as in syria has not been without controversy while the process has seen success to reintegrate some into society many others mostly foreign fighters have been rejected by their countries must remain in prison in syria soon on kosovo el to syria and syria.
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now calls are in for a recount of votes in democratic republic of congo's disputed presidential election opposition leader martin for euro says picture has been stolen from him by his rival felix to scare the influential southern african regional body. is also added to calls by the catholic church leaders for an investigation more from her in kinshasa. a catholic priest asked the congregation to pray for peace in d.c. as uncertainty grows over the disputed election result the catholic church deployed forty thousand election observers on voting day last month they tallies his opposition leader martin five one sixty one percent of the vote almost twice as many as the official result of thirty four percent the presidential run up attend a church on sunday he accuses felix the kiddie of making a deal with the outgoing president joseph kabila to steal the election for you know has gone to the constitutional court to appeal to judges to order a recount of all of what we have faith are phrases on show. because the people have
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decided and the wishes of the people will come true i am a man of faith. the church is a respected institution in the d.c. when bishops speak many people listen the catholic church has influence here some bishops aren't afraid to speak out when others don't but opinions are divided a whether the church should be involved in politics at the largest catholic church in the capital kinshasa religion and politics divides opinion will be going to the bone i think the churches involvement in politics is right and normal it should be done to help and political problems affecting our country according to me i don't think that it's right for a child to be to get those problem of qualities. because putting people in confusion calls to end the political crisis are growing the southern african development community once a recount of the votes or
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a government of national unity formed the regional bodies approval of the electoral process is crucial for the legitimacy of the government and the new president. here's what's coming up for you on this news hour could the roman catholic church in the united states go bankrupt the multi billion dollar compensation claims against paedophile priests a piling up. it was a disaster waiting to happen the government was well aware of the risks of liquefaction here when they did nothing to inform the people i'm stepladder reporting from palo alto. earthquake in september. and in sport the crash of course tales of the first major race of the new cycling season. the u.s. president's denying the latest allegations of his links with russia this time donald trump's been accused of keeping to himself the details of
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a meeting with the russian president vladimir putin this came from a report in the washington post since trying didn't release any notes made by his interpreter after he met putin in hamburg and twenty seventeen trump reportedly instructed the translator not to tell anyone in his administration what had been discussed why not release the conversation that you had with president putin in house thinking along with some other stuff that might involve. or on the whole lot of them well janine i would i don't care i mean i had a conversation like every president does you sit with the president to various countries i do it with all countries we had a great conversation we were talking about israel and securing israel and a lot of other things and it was a great conversation i'm not keeping anything under wraps i couldn't care less. let's talk to rosalynn jordan about this and washington d.c. here donald trump says he couldn't care less plenty of other people who could.
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that it would include congressional democrats who are already calling for investigations one into the fact that the f.b.i. has been investigating the president's parent ties to russia since may of two thousand and seventeen almost a two year long investigation now and so when you have that report coming from the new york times and this report coming from the washington post saying that the president did not allow the transcripts of his meetings with blood amir putin at least five such meetings to be more realized will not only is that possibly a violation of federal record keeping law but it also has created a problem for the president's own aides who don't know what deals of any he may have struck with lighter mare putin what this means for u.s. foreign policy overall and what it means in particular for u.s. policy toward russia very much congressional democrats are saying there need to be
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investigations but as you might expect come all the president's supporters who are republicans are saying that this is not a big deal that the president should have the ability to have private conversations with foreign leaders and that he did campaign on trying to improve ties with russia wouldn't you want him to try to establish some sort of her personal connection with a lot of near putin in order to achieve that goal so it's a lot of human cry here in washington over these two reports it feels like we're probably said this before rosalind or something very similar but things mounting up here for the president is this there was the f.b.i. investigation there is the fact let's not forget that the government is still closed what is a twenty three days now. you have two big situations two big political crises but in the matter of the shutdown this is also affecting people's paychecks at least eight hundred thousand federal workers who are not being paid
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that's not including the people who work for companies that have contract at their services to the federal government they're not being paid either and guess what they're not going to get paid once the government eventually opens so this is proof this is really a perfect storm as it were of crises facing official washington how do you figure out how to restore budget funding how do you deal with the ongoing questions of the president's credibility and president's behavior since he came to office now that democrats control the lower house of congress the house of representatives you're probably going to see investigations coming up very quickly but you have this other issue of taking care of american workers and so they're competing now for a rug you know of the time to try to manage both of these situations and try to perhaps avoid
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a constitutional crisis while you're at it extraordinary stuff noise is puzzling jordan in washington thank you saying in the u.s. the catholic church is facing a crisis there and it's both financial and spiritual as a report which found hundreds of priests in just one state preyed on thousands of children of a decades because in salome has been to pennsylvania to see how the church and its victims are responding. in the diocese of harrisburg at the first in a series of meetings bishop ronald gaynor explains to catholics what's being done to stop clergy abuse and help victims including setting up a compensation fund i hope that this is the beginning as one step to forward for a better safer catholic church but it isn't enough for the forty sisters five of whom were abused in the diocese by the same priest they want all perpetrators and those who protect them to be held accountable in a court of law carolyn was still in diapers when her abuse started in her family's
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case there was evidence in the church paid a one million dollars settlement in exchange for not pressing charges or talking about the case last year when the pennsylvania attorney general released a state wide report on clergy abuse the forty's learned at the church had received another complaint against their abuser and done nothing that was validation to me for us and that's what victims are seeking they're seeking that moment in court it wasn't just the four unease the report found credible evidence that statewide some three hundred priests had abused more than a thousand children and that the church had a pattern of covering it up the revelations have led to a federal investigation and at least a dozen more states are now compiling their own reports in pennsylvania victims have been lobbying elected officials to suspend the statute of limitations in older cases and give victims two years to take the church in their abusers to court but legislation has gone nowhere amid fears lawsuits would bankrupt the church in new
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york churches have already made more than two hundred million dollars in payouts camille bureaus oversees the awarding of funds for several diocese. programs have afforded victims an outlet a place to go an avenue to do so. and sort of compensation and admission of what happened but elected official mark razi who was raped by a priest at thirteen believes changing the statute is the only way to hold the church accountable this is about the hierarchy. aiding and abetting known perpetrators of that allowed this to go on and that's why i'm mad is that this has to stop courtney says she was heartened by what she heard at the meeting not from the bishop but from other catholics a lot of them are voicing that you know they're going to withhold their their
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financial contributions raising the pressure on politicians as well as the church christian salumi al-jazeera harrisburg pennsylvania news out of venezuela and the leader all of the opposition has been released stuff to being briefly detained. is the head of venezuela's opposition that congress which is disputing the legitimacy of president nicolas maduro but there are you remember was sworn in last week for a second term but said he was prepared to assume the country's presidency on an interim basis and even to call elections. on the news that when we come back at least a dozen people been killed during an oil tanker disaster in nigeria. on joe hold in hungary where homelessness is now a criminal offense as the government project power over the powerless. and i spoke we'll hear from roger federer who says his sport has taken a big hit ahead of the year's first grand slam.
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maybe this no surprises more rain for the lebanon or for iraq to some degree you can see the massive clash it's curved to the wall of souls of all this is used to water the mediterranean and that's certainly bringing rain across lebanon and syria during the rest of sunday into monday but it's really starting across all skipping across iraq the high ground in the northeast of iraq has certainly come across into the mountains of western iran that's where it all stops rains insistently that we stay on the heels flash flooding is a considerable risk and this now i think we're just pile up and eventually skips eastwards new finds some falls out of the sky on the funnels alaska and beyond and then the concentration will probably be maybe northern syria especially turkey that looks like windy and story with us in the would visit comes to mind but certain
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events and further south it's not the case the cloud that exists here the focus of monday through saudi arabia and kuwait for you just that cloud or a maybe for q wait i think the sas probably not in the breeze will turn suddenly for a couple days it will be a dusty one but it should be a dry where the wet weather still there in madagascar tanzania zimbabwe and zambia with occasional showers further south and surprisingly. taiwan. a sovereign island state. or a renegade province of china that must soon return to mainland control. as the battle for taiwanese hearts and minds intensifies. people in power investigates the tactics of those to whom reunification is only a matter of time. taiwan spies lies and prostrate.
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on a. i learned that the first amendment is really going to be. going to. men and women who believe that. what makes your story is that we just don't tell you what the subject of the story. the government is not going to do the one thing the demonstrators want to apologize for. we ask the questions so that we can get closer to the truth. here on the news. stories the u.s.
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secretary of state has called on countries in the gulf and it's gone on too long during my visit to. the unity he met. and is now in. the syrian army is preparing for an offensive by turkish forces on the kurdish rebel stronghold of man bitch syria's government deployed soldiers and tanks to the suburbs as u.s. forces get ready to leave. the kurdish one p.g. to be a terrorist group. and an influential african political bloc calling for a recount of the democratic republic of congo presidential election results been disputed by opposition leader. challenging it in course. president has more than doubled the price of fuel overnight as the country struggles with its worst petrol shortage in a decade drivers have been queuing outside petrol stations in some cases for
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several days these problems began in october. the government blames cheap fuel to bobbie's economy has been on a downturn of course there for almost twenty years with cash shortages and high unemployment. you got. it but it. will be. those who are going to. go. so privileged most from the most fun he is with us now a journalist based in harare nice to talk to you doubling the price of petrol what does it really achieve i got into the government saying that there's been unscrupulous people who are. dealing in fuel. god knows all and sort they're saying that they are trying to carry that problem where people we're now you know are dealing in theory illicitly in
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fuel but then if you look at it the price of fuel has been saying that it was below. has been obtaining india region because of fundamental well for their bond knots departed to between their bond not and their u.s. dollar. even right now when their government announced that. the increase is going to be three dollars eleven cents for diesel and three twenty four for petrol they still maintain that the u.s. dollar is it with them or not so all those distortions is what government is trying to. address but at the same time if you look at it it is just fuel and increase in prices on the other hand. we has had we know broader economic problems for a very long time now the petrol situation there is one particular which i think
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there's just not been able to get a hold on i remember this from being you know ten years ago there were why is that . the issue is the country is not generating enough foreign currency because there is lower production in the country our exports zimbabwe's exports out long sword is into enough foreign currency in the country to import to the cold war did because we do not have. zimbabwe so therefore. we we have to import their product so there isn't enough foreign currency in the country to what product now because of the drying coffers. the problem is today increased you rightly said that up people are queuing for days queues to get fuel even up to now when the president yesterday and now is the new price you'll find that long queues are still obtaining and if you're stations that
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drive people are just curing anticipating that they could be delivering but they are not deliver is that are coming. and helping out their privilege most funny thank you so much for your time to appreciate it police in nigeria say at least twelve people burned to death while scavenging for fuel this was from an overturned oil tanker the spill an explosion happened in the town of all the pani in the southern nigerian state of cross river paul chatterjee has more on that. this scene is unfortunately too familiar in nigeria fuel tankers like this one crash or pipelines leak and the poor in africa's most populous country rushed to the scene those who survived are scarred for life some have lost limbs i suppose to be dead people many people died. in. these burn victims risked their lives in the southern state of cross river trying to collect the leaking black gold and this has
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become. events in our society every year an average of one hundred twenty fuel tanker accidents are reported in the country which is africa's largest oil producer this is partly blamed on roads that are overcrowded and poorly maintained witnesses at the scene of this latest incident say an electrical generator brought in to remove the spilled oil set off sparks igniting a fire and explosion i don't see what kind of money you are looking for. people call collecting spilled fuel fishing and it doesn't just happen when tankers overturned thousands have been killed fishing for fuel when pipelines leak or are vandalized in october more than fifty people were burned to death while scooping fuel from a pipeline that thieves busted before it caught fire and exploded in two thousand
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and twelve more than one hundred people were killed in the oil hub of port harcourt when an oil tanker tipped over and scavengers were trapped and burned alive when the vehicle exploded according to government data more than one thousand two hundred people were killed trying to steal fuel from vandalized pipelines during the eight years preceding two thousand and eight the country's worst accident happened in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight that's when nearly one thousand one hundred people were killed when a leaking pipeline they were fishing from exploded please visit anytime that you see to face the self is the vision thing is to run away while nigeria is often touted as one of the world's most promising economies a recent report says nearly half of its hundred eighty eight million population live in extreme poverty and when black gold is spilled some of those struggling to put food on the table can't help but try to scoop up as much as they can no matter
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the cost paul chowder gian al jazeera. police in sudan are fired tear gas to disperse anti-government protesters in the capital khartoum they're calling for president omar bashir to step down international rights groups say at least forty people have now been killed since the unrest began the government there putting the death toll at twenty four more from hillary morgan in culture. once again we've seen hundreds coming out into the streets and for the tomb protesting against the rule of president obama bashir has been returning the country for twenty nine years the demonstrators have been chanting slogans like peace justice and freedom and they say that they want president almost here to end his rule and hand over power to an interim independent counsel twenty four people have been killed so far in the protest since his target in december according to the government but human rights watch and amnesty international and other rights groups with a number at least fourteen while activists in sudan who have been tracking the death toll say at least fifty five have been killed now the opposition have also come out some of the opposition groups have lent support to the people who have
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been demonstrating and say that these people have legitimate reasons to be demanding that the president step down and some people in the national government as well have been questioning the way the government has responded to the people who've been demonstrating and demanding that the president step down. and these we demand an independent transparent comprehensive investigation into the killings because there have been information circulating and people have been saying look we don't know who killed these protesters or their militias are they security or the police we need to know who targeted those protesters. now this has been the longest wave of protests in sudan gained independence but the president has been very defiant he said he's going to try to improve the economic situation and he said who's going to try to reduce the inflation rate which is that seventy percent the second highest in the world but the people who have been demonstrating say they've heard these promises over and over again and that the only thing that will convince them and stop them from going out and continuing to protest is think that the president has stepped down and is handing over power to an interim council
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something that the president and the ruling party say will not happen until elections next year and the president my run again the ruling party state they want the president to run again but that would require an amendment to the constitution which at the at the moment is the president from a day from running for another term it's not clear how far these protests will go it's not clear where it would end the people are very defiant they say they will not stop demanding that the president step down until they see that power is handed over to new. government but the president said he's not going to step down as much as he's going to try to make reforms he is going to hold on to power so right now sudan is a crossroads between the people who are protesting demanding a new government and the current government which is very defiant very hold on to power and to elections next year the greek prime minister elect has a process called for a confidence vote in his government after his coalition ally quit in protest of the deal with macedonia the defense minister and us his right wing party propped up to protest this government has long opposed this agreement that would change macedonia's name to north macedonia john psaropoulos. the name change
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deal between greece and former yugoslav macedonia was meant to remove what things considered an employed claim to greek sovereign territory but it's led to a breakdown in greece's coalition government with the defense minister announcing that he and his party are quitting if. i thank the prime minister for our collaboration and i explained that because of the macedonia name deal our work together cannot continue the independent greeks are withdrawing from the government . the departure means prime minister alexis to press is left with a minority and may struggle to stay in power and get the deal passed by parliament . yet it gets here we will proceed immediately as is prescribed by the constitution with a vote of confidence in my government in order to move forward with a clear majority in resolving all the critical issues facing our country and society. commandoes formed a coalition with to put us in twenty fifteen and he's never been shy about
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expressing his views against the name change when the deal was announced last june it triggered of vote of confidence in the government the men also took an ambivalent stance supporting the government but opposing the deal now that the deal has been approved in the former yugoslav macedonia has no room for ambivalence his political survival is at stake. last year's stance split the party and some independent greeks m.p.'s will support the government bringing it closer to a governing majority in this week's vote does seem confident that he can get three hundred fifty one votes and by picking he he has already one hundred forty five m.p.'s so he needs another seeks and he clearly believes that he can pick up a few votes here and there in order to get to the one hundred fifty one threshold. the deal is meant to end the twenty seven year dispute and lift greece's objections to its neighbor joining nato and the e.u.
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. on friday the former yugoslav macedonian parliament approved a constitutional amendment to officially change the country's name to the republic of north macedonia now it's up to us to find a majority in the greek parliament to ratify the deal jumpstart ople us al-jazeera athens. being homeless in hungary has become a criminal offense police are rounding up and fining people living on the streets is john a whole reports from the capital. the sleek clean boulevards of budapest this is how an increasingly or thorough tyrian government wants them to look no refugees or illegal immigrants and no no homeless people either we're just trying to enable our authorities to step up against something which we believe is against human nature and human dignity and we would like public spaces to get their meaning back and operate as they were intended it's not a decision the government took lightly a previous attempt was ruled
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a violation of human dignity by the constitutional court so the government changed the constitution itself all of which is heartbreaking to people like youngish torak janish lives in a caravan after he lost his home his job even his family when a house fire and no insurance left him with crippling debt. i'm afraid of it i can't say better unafraid it could happen any time i wake up every morning scared that someone may not call my door and say we can take your stuff away go elsewhere the government did sists it's looking after the people being swept off the streets but we take care of them we provide shelter provisions and all the support that is required not a social workers but they believe that this should their system is now and then i saw this problem heather and the government still thinks about opening some new show there is about the numbers show that there are more than thirty thousand
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people homeless in hungary at the moment there are eleven thousand places. cycling through the city volunteers carrying food and blankets search for those who have not made it to a shelter for the night in a railway station underpass where dozens once slept they find just three people. too many people in this in the shelters so there is a one hundred person and here we is there more than one hundred thirty million dollars so it's a crowded and over crowding in the shelters so the volunteers means many homeless people have gone into hiding making them even more vulnerable to the elements. shelters like these this one is a private facility barely come close to meeting the needs of the homeless on the streets and while it's obviously a good idea to get people off the streets in below zero conditions like this and volunteers are doing what they can that's not the point behind the government's decision to criminalize homelessness in hungary one social worker described it as
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projecting power over the powerless jonah how al-jazeera budapest.


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